Product Name : 7KM PAC3200


7KM PAC3200
7KM PAC3200 Measuring Devices
The Basis for Reliable and Precise Measurements
When, where, and how much energy is used – transparent information is provided by the new
7KM PAC3200 measuring device. This device can be used wherever electrical energy is distributed.
7KM PAC3200 records more than 50 electrical parameters such as voltage, current, powers, energy values, frequency, power factor and asymmetry. The compact control panel instrument supplies basic data which will give you an overview of where electricity is consumed and where energy flows in the electrical system.

7KM PAC3200 Measuring Devices
Simple Integration Possible into Every Power Management System
7KM PAC3200 measuring devices supply measured values via Ethernet (Modbus TCP), PROFIBUS DP or ModbusRTU to higher-level systems.

The data can be displayed there or processed further for control tasks.
7KM PAC3200 measuring devices can be easily connected to SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate and SIMATIC WinCC powerrate power management software options.
Drivers and faceplates with optional block libraries are available for SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC WinCC.

Download Data Sheet : 7KM21120BA003AA0_PAC3200.pdf
Manual : Sentron_pac3200_manual.pdf