Product Name : 7KM PAC4200


7KM PAC4200

7KM PAC4200 Measuring Devices
Comprehensive and User-Friendly Overview of the Plant Status
7KM PAC4200 measuring device has the same basic features as the 7KM PAC3200 measuring device. It records a total of around 200 measured values, including basic data for assessing the system quality. Furthermore it has convenient additional functions such as user-defined displays, internal device memory, integral time-of-day and calendar function and gateway function.

7KM PAC4200 Measuring Devices
Intelligent Block in the Power Management System
7KM PAC4200 measuring devices supply measured values via Ethernet, (Modbus TCP), PROFIBUS DP or ModbusRTU to higher-level systems.
The data can be displayed there or processed further for control tasks.
7KM PAC4200 measuring devices can be easily connected to SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate and SIMATIC WinCC powerrate power management software options.
Through its gateway function 7KM PAC4200 measuring devices transfer the data from lower-level devices with serial RS485 interface, e.g. simple measuring devices or circuit breakers, to higher-level systems via its integrated 10/100 MBit/s Ethernet interface and thus save costs for integrating these devices into a power management system.

Download Data Sheet : 7KM42120BA003AA0_PAC4200.pdf
Manual : Sentron_pac4200_manual.pdf