About us

            Q-Power Engineering Co., Ltd. is the best electrical cabinet manufacturer. We produce Electrical Equipment cabinet, Switchboard cabinet, Control Cabinet, High-Voltage Control cabinet for industries, Infrastructure and Building use. Our high-technology machines team up with our high-profile experts in engineering system; we are fit to generate the best quality products with international standard within reasonable cost.

            For Q-Power Engineering Co., Ltd., our customer’s satisfaction is our pride, which motivate us to invent the best quality, easy-to-operate and most importantly, safe inventions. On top of that, we aim to increase the value of our customers’ products and noticeable development of our customers’ business.

  • Company name

    Q-Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Year of Establishment


  • Capital

    80,000,000 THB

  • Employees

    200 Staffs

  • Factory and office space

    8 Rais 400 Square meters and 94 square two-meters

  • Type of Business

    The Medium Voltage - Low Voltage Distributiion
    Board (Switchgear, MDB, EMDB, SDB,DB),
    Control cabinet and Electrical Engineer Solutions
    Services for Industry, Infrastructure and Building use.
    Electrical System
    - Design
    - Installation and Commissioning
    - Engineering Services