Product Name : 7KM PAC3100


7KM PAC3100
7KM PAC3100 Measuring Devices
The Low Budget Device for Digital Measurement
With 7KM PAC3100 measuring devices it's quick and easy to get started with digital measuring systems. Our entry model supplies you with more than 30 measured values on energy consumption and basic electrical variables, dispensing with the need for a multitude of individual analog measuring instruments. Thanks to its integrated communication interface and its digital inputs and outputs, flexible system integration and adjustments in the plant are always possible with 7KM PAC3100 measuring devices.

Measuring with the 7KM PAC3100 Measuring Devices
Detects active and reactive energy for import, export or balance.
Records more than 30 electrical measured values such as voltage, current, power (per phase and total system), energy values, total power factor and frequency including maximum and minimum values.
Can be directly connected to three-phase industrial networks up to 277VL-N / 480VL-L. Measurement of higher voltages using voltage transformers possible.
Class 1 measuring accuracy for active energy and power, voltages and currents acc. to IEC 61557-12.

Download Data Sheet :  7KM31330BA003AA0_PAC3100.pdf
Manual :  Sentron_pac3100_manual.pdf